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Neurohacker Collective

I built Alpine Alchemy out of my own necessity. I wanted to get my favorite supplements for holistic health from the source I really trust. Now you can order Neurohacker supplements directly from Switzerland with fast & free shipping. Learn more about Neurohacker Collective.

Qualia Mind

Cognitive Supplement for Mental Performance

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free Bottle 154

Qualia Life

Supports Cell Energy for Better Aging

One bottle of Qualia Life 160 capsules

Qualia Night

Supports Deep Regenerative Sleep

Qualia Night 60 Packshot
Qualia Mind Bottle

Focus, flow, and peak performance

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free is my favorite supplement for better focus, higher productivity, and more flow states*. Made by Neurohacker Collective in Carlsbad, California.

biOptimizers enzymes

These enzymes helped to optimize my digestion. I also like to eat a cheat-meal on every weekend and Gluten Guardian really helps me here.

Keto Brainz Creamer

Upgrade your morning coffee or tea with this special creamer. Change your brain, change your life.