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Alpine Alchemy works together with a curated network of coaches to accelerate your transition into holistic health. If you feel any resonance with one of the coaches below, setup a free first introduction call.

Nico Becker

Do you want to deepen your sense of purpose in life?
Do you want to work on yourself holistically?
Do you want to achieve peak athletic performance?

Nico’s career started as a professional fighter in Switzerland. After nearly dying in a hospital in the Caribbean, he decided to dive deep into Holistic Health and get on a years-long healing journey.

Nico is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, Yoga Teacher, and Tai Chi practitioner. Nico loves to empower and accelerate the holistic growth of his clients.

Coaching Offer
Areas: Purpose, Holistic Health, Performance Excellence
Languages: English, German
Locations: Remote, Switzerland, Germany
Pricing: Packages from 1’750 CHF

Past Clients of Nico

How to get started?

Setup a free introduction call with Nico. You and Nico will discuss personal goals and feel if there is a fit in the introduction call. If you want to work with Nico then, you can book a coaching package (from 1’750 CHF). If you don’t feel the fit, there is no commitment. Click the button down below to setup the introduction call.