Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

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  • The most bioavailable CBD oil on the market (20x higher than regular CBD oil)
  • The only full-spectrum organic CBD oil that’s 100 percent organic, water-soluble, and made without synthetics
  • Many users feel the benefits in less than 30 seconds
  • 30 ml bottle
  • 0% THC (Lab Test Results for Cannabinoid Profile & Potency)

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The most bioavailable CBD oil on the market

Ojai Energetics – Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

Meet the only full-spectrum organic CBD oil that’s the only 100 percent organic, water-soluble, made without synthetics or synthetically modified compounds.

Most Ojai Energetics hemp elixir users feel the benefits of CBD in less than 30 seconds. This contrasts with most similar offerings, which require 30 minutes to take effect, meaning this CBD oil drop takes a 60th of the time.

Not to mention, you’d have to take 5,000mg of regular CBD-rich hemp oil to get the same effects as our 250mg water-soluble CBD oil. This difference comes from the product’s use of our revolutionary water-soluble CBD that utilizes patented technology.

Unlike other water-soluble CBD-rich products, this elixir is made with only certified organic ingredients. Any other water-soluble product on the market has to use nano-synthetic or synthetically modified compounds. They are substantially less bioavailable as a liposome and reaching an effective dose will be not only cost prohibitive, a large amount would still be required to reach and effective dosage. You should also keep in mind that those formulas will take at least 15 minutes, if not more, to start to produce results. So, not only will our full-spectrum hemp oil enter your body more quickly, but thanks to its significantly higher bioavailability, you will get more each drop than with other products. You get to use all (or most) of the water-soluble CBD that you pay for.

Our full-spectrum hemp elixir has a high enough bioavailability to produce results. By contrast, fat soluble formulas have such low bioavailability, that most of what is taken is destroyed. Only 6-10% of fat soluble CBD formulations can be used by the body. Studies show consuming 500mg of fat soluble formulations is the bare minimum needed to have effect. Our patented and certified organic water soluble colloid system, enables users to obtain effective dosages with fraction of the amount needed. With fat soluble formulas’ low bioavailability in other products, Ojai Energetics’ elixir delivers real, fast acting, and noticeable results and value over the competition.

Our full-spectrum CBD oil is loaded with some of nature’s most powerful superfoods, like moringa and acerola cherry. These combine with the hemp seed oil to provide CBD oil drops that let you take advantage of various natural compounds. At Ojai Energetics, we love the earth and Mother Nature, so our label and reusable CBD tincture are eco-friendly and made in the USA. When you are ready to start using the best, most powerful, and cleanest water-soluble CBD on the planet, click the order button to buy water-soluble CBD.

Protected by the following patents: US10548840 and US10350165.



  • Checkout my review video below
  • Comes with simple instructions about individual dosage

Please note: even the best water soluble CBD oil can act like grapefruit when you’re taking prescribed medications, so please speak with your healthcare practitioner before using CBD if you are taking medication that discourages the consumption of grapefruit. CBD promotes healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals, so for those using insulin, please monitor your blood sugar levels before your insulin shot after taking our Hemp CBD Elixir products.

My Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir CBD Review

Ojai Energetics Logo

Ojai Energetics

Ojai Energetics (OE) is a mission-driven company from Ojai, California.

OE exist to be a catalyst for good and to puts people and planet before profits. Their most advanced water soluble full spectrum hemp & CBD products create positive impact for people.

You can learn more about Ojai Energetics and their bigger vision in my interview with CEO Will Kleidon.

Learn more about Ojai Energetics in this interview
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2 reviews for Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

  1. Max

    This is the highest quality CBD oil you can find in Switzerland at the moment. The high bio availability really makes a difference for me.

  2. Elea

    I can highly recommend trying it! I’ve tested many CBD oils for soothing my menstruational cramps and this Hemp Elixir works wonders for me. It helps me within minutes.

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