Qualia Mind

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  • 28 active ingredients to support mental performance, improve flow states, and deepen meditation
  • 105 capsules equal 3 to 4 weeks supply
  • This is the regular Qualia Mind – Find the caffeine-free version here
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Focus, Flow, and Peak Performance

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Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is comprised of 28 high-purity ingredients designed to support and maximize cognitive function — giving your brain the nutrients it needs to perform at its peak. See the packshots for a full list of vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients.

This product is the result of thousands of hours of research and development by top scientists in complex-systems modeling, neurobiology, organic chemistry as well as dozens of MDs and PhDs.


  • Take 7 capsules in the morning with some water or with food
  • Cycle: Use it 5 days a week and don’t use it 2 days a week
  • Most people will feel a strong effect at 7 capsules a day after 1 – 2 weeks
  • You can take fewer capsules after a while and get the same effect
  • 2 days off per week are recommended to prevent building up a resistance against the active compounds

Customer Experiences

Collection of what people love about Qualia Mind

Ben Greenfield, biohacker & best-selling author

Rachele Brooke Smith, actress & dancer

Richard, software engineer & kayaker

Greg Gostincar, lifehacker & founder of YourInception

Max Hug, biohacker & founder of Alpine Alchemy

Combining 28 ingredients in one

Supplement Facts & Ingredient List for Qualia Mind
Neurohacker Collective Logo in white
Neurohacker Collective Logo

Neurohacker Collective

Neurohacker Collective (NHC) is a mission-driven supplement company from Carlsbad, California.

NHC creates unique formulas based on complex systems science and high-end ingredients. I visited their office and got to know multiple team members in 2019.

You can learn more about NHC in my interviews with CEO James Schmachtenberger and Lead Formulator Greg Kelly.

Learn more about Neurohacker

1 review for Qualia Mind

  1. Max

    I really enjoy Qualia Mind. It helps me to focus better and be more present. I don’t drink much coffee so I actually prefer Qualia Mind Caffeine Free vs the regular Qualia Mind. The effect is the same except that the regular Qualia Mind gives a bit more energy in the first hour after taking it.

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