Morning Adjustments – Wake Up & Energize Yourself

Wake Up, Energize & Self-Love

These 15 morning adjustments can be practiced in just 10 minutes every morning and help you to wake up and energize your body. This practice brings awareness into your whole body and can create a powerful sense of self-love.

Movement Overview

  1. Head Combing
  2. Ears
  3. Qi Face Cream
  4. Eye Circles
  5. Jaw Release
  6. Face Yoga
  7. Head Movements, Atlas Movements, Whole Spine Wave (Slowly!)
  8. Shoulders & Arms
  9. Hips
  10. Knees
  11. Compass Stretch
  12. Squat
  13. Acupressure Points
  14. Body slaps
  15. Shaking

Follow Up Ritual

After my morning adjustments and some conscious breathwork I enjoy my biohacking coffee ritual: