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Save time and money with our flexible supplement subscriptions

Benefits of Subscribe & Save

  1. Save time on re-ordering products
  2. Always have enough supply on hand (It’s so annoying when you realize your favourite supplement bottle is empty and you forgot to re-order on time!)
  3. Get a discount and save money (up to 20%!)
  4. It’s fully flexible: Adjust your products, subscription period or cancel anytime.

How does it work?

  1. Choose Subscribe & Save on any product page (where available) and choose your favourite subscription period.
  2. You can choose between the most common subscriptions periods. If you use the product more often choose a shorter delivery interval.
  3. You will get a discount for the first order and for every following subscription delivery.
  4. Checkout with credit card or PayPal. Subscriptions don’t work with other payment methods.
  5. You will automatically get your products as subscribed with free shipping on every order.

Fully flexible

Adjust your subscription anytime in the customer account. With a few clicks everything can be adjusted or canceled.

You can also contact us anytime if you need any support with your subscription.

Our most popular subscriptions

Alchemists love these products to Subscribe & Save: